The 2008 Academy Awards or “Oh yeah… I wanted to see that.”

The 2008 Academy Awards are on… 

While I see more movies than I do professional sporting events on TV, this past year I think I may have seen three movies (in a theater) and don’t remember what they were.  If one of the Harry Potter movies was out, that was one of them (because I love the books and enjoy the movies well enough even when the director needs to butcher them because of the increasing length of the books).  I suppose that the industry is alive and well, or at least breathing…  maybe on a respirator.

It isn’t that there weren’t some interesting looking movies in 2007, it is just that there were very few that looked interesting enough to galvanize me into action.  Jon Stewart is his usual witty self and fairly entertaining, and I caught myself saying, “Oh yeah…  I wanted to see that.”  I guess I didn’t want to see it that badly.

As far as the way the guests look in their Oscar finery, I can only say that they are an uninspiring lot in general.  With very few exceptions, the women seemed to have done their own hair on the way to the theater.  I won’t comment on the gowns, as it seems that certain designers can drape their adoring stars in crap and some critic will weep at the vision they created for the event.  Some of them (the gowns) are lovely, but most are not.  The men are also a mixed lot with a few tuxedos and more of those suit looking things without the bow ties.  You don’t have to be old-fashioned to despise the look of a black jacket with a black shirt and a black tie at the Oscars.  With black pants and presumably black shoes and a black belt, Johnny Cash would be proud were he not dead.

The songs have so far been forgettable to such a point that they…

Anyway, I just asked my wife if Cate Blanchette was supposed to be a drag queen playing Bob Dylan in “I’m Not There” (an odd choice for a drag queen in my opinion), but apparently she was supposed to be Bob Dylan.  I think they almost nailed the hair, but I only saw it for a moment on the screen and can’t be sure.  She was a much better Elizabeth…

I don’t even know why I am blogging about the Oscars as my interest is minimal at best.  Perhaps I am just writing to express my minimal interest.  Who said you have to blog about something you are passionate about, or even particularly interested in? Admittedly, I know dozens (not most) of the people in the audience from past performances, but don’t know what they have done recently.  The Oscars are like the Grammy Awards in a way in that they are both crap for the most part.  They do not represent the best films in the respective categories (Forrest Gump beating Shawshank Redemption in 1994 made that abundantly clear), but rather represent some of the better films of the previous year.

There is about an hour or so left, and so far Jon Stewart could have talked for an hour and mailed the awards to the recipients and it would have been shorter and more consistently entertaining.  The Oscar winner from last year’s movie “Dreamgirls” read from her cue card as if she were deciphering it as her lips formed the words.  It was yet another nail in the coffin as far as the Oscars representing the best of the best.  If some unlettered  ignoramus says “I may not know art, but I know what I like” and then you clone him (or her) and let them all vote for their favorite movies and actors and makeup artists and then give out Oscars based on the outcome, I don’t think there would be a great difference in the final tallies.

It is a testament to the caliber of last year’s films that I don’t care who wins.  I think that this is the first year that I am basing my few picks on a philosophy I developed the two times I went to the race track and bet on horses with cool names or interesting colors.  I hope George Clooney wins something because I like him as an actor.  I like Morgan Freeman as well, so if he is up for anything, I’d like him to win as well. Otherwise, there are a couple others who have impressed me in the past who I’d pick on past achievements (prior to 2007) and thus defeat the purpose of annual awards.

I must dash as they will soon be showing the actors and actresses who have departed for their respective religious afterlife alternatives and I don’t remember who died this past year.

On a final side note, I was hoping that Tom Cruise was going to run on stage and continue his downward spiral into the realm of the comically bizarre, but I don’t think that he is going to oblige me.