It is a Blind Goose that Cometh to the Fox’s Sermon (Revisited)

There is no avoiding the simple fact that we are facing increasingly polarized sociopolitical, economic and religious times with the forces of darkness making some bold inroads into the minds and hearts of Americans from coast to coast.  I firmly believe that the population that makes up those most easily led to the slaughter is comprised of those most severely affected by diseases like narrow-mindedness, ignorance, greed, fear and hatred. It can be argued that they are blinded by their afflictions as surely as there are those who rely on their condition to make the cogs of progress stop moving and in some instances move in the opposite direction.

I am cursed with the need to express my views using an overabundance of analogies and imagery, so please bear with my rambling musing as I attempt to paint a picture of a landscape outside our windows and just beyond our doorsteps.

It is easy to understand that fear is a greater motivator than faith.  The media outlets are far more interested in grasping at viewers and corralling their respective target demographics than providing fair and balanced coverage or attempting to provide enlightenment to the masses beyond reporting political opinions, shooting statistics, sports scores and the dubious predictions made by meteorologists using tea leaves, oracular pigs and the latest front movements via the Doppler.

So how do the unscrupulous foxes sow the seeds of blindness within our midst?  It is through fear, or at least the manufactured fear popular with tea enthusiasts from Alaska to Florida (and rooted in the homes of those Americans who pride themselves on slogans like “America – Love It or Leave It,” and “My Kid Can Kick Your Honor Student’s Ass”) that sight begins to fade.  How does one manufacture fear?  It is very simple if you have the money, power, impetus and media outlets to make your dreams come true.  An extremely capitalist approach to life and the desire to exploit your nation’s ills for monetary or political gain helps quite a bit.  When it comes to creating a threat that will in turn fertilize the seeds of fear, there are plenty of ideas in the handbook.

Fear of losing one’s job is a big one these days.  By breaking the unions a couple decades ago, big business has pulled the teeth of the working class.  Without union power protecting jobs, many companies were able to shift production to countries where labor is cheap and plentiful and at the same time make a huge cross section of US workers worry about their job security as well as the future they were planning for their kids.  So fear for one’s livelihood was created to control and it has been quite useful when it comes to extending workers’ hours and decreasing employee standards using the philosophy that “They should be happy they have a job.”

Terrorism has been a popular source of fear since the 9/11 tragedy, though it has been abused to the tune of imaginary weapons of mass destruction and a game of political connect the dots where the dots are made by the same people who would profit the most from conflict.  While the Muslims have gotten far more negative media coverage for the September 11th attacks than the sect of Seventh Day Adventists responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, it has given some of the movers and shakers a seemingly limitless supply of people to whisper about and create a media stir over.  “Watch out for them… they are out to destroy America and Democracy,” they say.  Once someone hears that they need to be constantly vigilant when someone with a turban or a Middle Eastern appearance is sighted within a mile of their work, home or kid’s school it is easy to gloss over things like invasion of privacy and bloated budgets allocated for special contractors overseeing the safety of our borders, and airports.

Actually, it is pretty easy to make someone less concerned about their job security if you can provide a tangible target for fear like a race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. Even better, if you make it “anti-American” to not want to jump on the hate train you can tie the two together and make the sources of fear both dangerous and against the USA.  We had communism at one point in time, and a time may come again soon when the Commies are back on the radar, but for now it is the Muslims, Mexicans, President Obama, gays and maybe the French who seem to be the main source of aggravation for conservative America.

So how does all this fear talk fit in with the sermon “It is a Blind Goose that Cometh to the Fox’s Sermon” you ask?  The masses of people quivering with rage and quaking in fear are blind to the real message of love, forgiveness and respect.  They are blind to the teachings of Jesus in favor of a single verse from Leviticus.  They are blind to the fact that they blame who they are told to blame.  They refuse to see that the people leading them are the same people responsible for their plights.  They are so blind; the conservative party does not even need a real platform in the midterm elections.  “If you want more government spending and higher taxes, vote for the incumbents” is the only battle cry I’ve heard.  The blind and fearful can’t understand that if you don’t tax and spend, you borrow and spend.  Then you have to repay what you borrowed by killing pensions and reducing health benefits.  The truth is right there for everyone to see unless you are blinded to reality.  These people are blind, not by choice, but rather by nature.

It is in the nature of many humans to care for themselves and look to tomorrow and no further.  Did you ever think of the Good Samaritan as the norm for human behavior as opposed to the target behavior for the human race? My point exactly.  Do the foxes gladly open their doors for the blind geese honking and waddling to their places amongst the sheep?  You betcha.  Is it our job to ridicule the blind geese and point out their ignorance and blindness?  That would make us no better than the foxes they worship.

Our task is simple.  We must pray for them to one day open their eyes and end their days in darkness and see the light.


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