Two More Years

Gunther finaly called to let me know that the car was done…  for the low, low price of $550.00.  I suppose it is not too bad compared to three years of $300+ a month payments for a new car.  For the first time in five years my Check Engine light is not on, which also helps to justify the cost.

Thanks Gunther.


The Jetta Saga Continues – Enter Gunther

After getting pulled over for an expired inspection sticker last month (the car was supposed to be inspected by September 2005) I decided to get my poor beleaguered Jetta inspected. The day arrived that I was to drop off the car for some quick repairs and general maintenance before the ritual drive through the mammoth bays of the DMV Inspection Station, and it seemed that the barracks of every NJ law enforcement community emptied in order to make me uncomfortable throughout my commute. I imagined that my orange sticker, seriously outdated, was flashing everytime a patrol car drove by calling out for attention. Thankfully, I made it to the garage where the magic would happen and my car would be made well enough to traverse New Jersey I195, 547, 133 and other farm roads.

$700.00 later, the car failed inspection but I bought a 45 day repreive from further nerve-wracking commutes in order to have time to make the essential repairs. 43 days later, the car goes in to see Gunther … the Specialty Auto crew who deal with VWs, Mercedes, Volvos and other European makes and models. Four days later, my car is still hanging out with Gunther and I am wondering when I am going to get it back. The two words that are haunting me at this point are “Check Engine.”

That sinister electronic gremlin is determined to keep my car from getting through the rigorous screening processes utilized by the ex-Nazis turned DMV goons. Last I heard, Gunther was on the trail of some code related to the fuel-injection or throttle actuator which means as much to me as it does to the typical farmer in rural China. Stay tuned for further developments.

The new MacBook is here!

During the first few months of work, I was loaned a G4 PowerBook with a 23″ display to supplement my regular ThinkPad, but had to return it in early January when a new emplyee joined the Web team. After justifying my need for a Mac, I was allowed to pick out some new hardware…

After an eternity, due to shortages in processors and other issues, two beautiful boxes arrived at my little area on the 2nd floor of Building 5. A new 2GHz Intel Dual Core Processor MacBook Pro with a 30″ Mac Cinema Display. Text can’t acurately display my excitement as they are just spectacular!

When I’m not doing development work on them, I just let Supergrass’ “St. Petersberg” video loop in beeeeeoooteeeeful 30″ cinema splendor. It may be work, but it seems less so with my new Mac setup.

Just out of the box!   The New Tennants in My Cubicle